Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

1 - Our skies will stay dry and sunny through Friday afternoon. Temps will be chilly today, but warm up as we approach the weekend. Forecast details are here.

2 - Your last three KIIK Cash Codes come today. Your last chances at winning up to $5,000. Listen at 7:20, 12:20 and 4:20 today, then enter the code on our website for your chance to win.

3 - The Augustana College basketball program will play at Champaign tonight when they visit the Illini at 6pm. Details and scores when we do That Sports Thing at around 7:35pm.

4 - Teen idol David Cassidy passed away last night after suffering from organ failure and dementia. More entertainment news when we do That Entertainment Thing at about 8:35am.

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow.

- Craig

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