Today will be the weather sweet spot of the week.

1 - Enough sun should peak through the clouds today to bump us into the mid-50's. Light rain is coming tonight though. Your Local 4 News Pinpoint Forecast is here.

2 - It's Moline Night at the Quad City Steamwheelers Saturday night home game against Kansas City. Details and scores when we do That Sports Thing at about 7:30am.

3 - I'll be delivering lunch for twelve from Zeke's Island Cafe in Davenport to Emily and her co-workers at Lutheran Services in Davenport today. Get your workplace signed up to win free lunch from Zeke's here.

4 - A statewide tornado drill is planned for Iowa this morning. Sirens will sound at 10 and 10:15am as the state prepares us for severe weather season.

Have a great Wednesday.

- Craig

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