Beware the Ides of March... "Hey, Brutus, whatcha doin' with that knife?"

1 - The Ides of March is best known as the day Roman leader Julius Caesar was betrayed and assassinated in 44 B.C. by as many as 60 conspirators led by fellow politicians Brutus and Cassius. Ah, the good old days, when you could just knock off your political rivals instead of this petty campaigning against them. The incident may be the origin of the term 'back stabbers.' Learn more about the assassination, and the term 'Ides' at

3 - Rock Island's Madison Keys fell in two sets to Dane Caroline Wozniacki at Indian Wells in California last night, ending her first tournament back after wrist surgery four months ago. Read more from Details when we do That Sports Thing at about 7:35am on The Morning KIIK Start.

4 - The new KIIK 104.9 will be taking part in the annual St. Patrick's Society of the Quad Cities Parade this Saturday. Details when we do That Hollywood Thing around 8:35am on FM 104.9.

"Caesar? Of course I Caesar, she's standing right in front of me!"

Have a great Hump Day.

- Craig

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