Davenport has closed another overpass owned by the Canadian Pacific Railroad pending required repairs and updates. This according to a report in the Quad City Times. This time it's the bridge over the tracks on 13th Street between Mound and Kuehl Streets.

Last week the city closed the bridge on Elm Street between Eastern Avenue and Jersey Ridge Road citing "widespread deterioration of the span's roadway." 3,000 vehicles a day use the Elm Street bridge, with only 370 vehicles a day traversing the 13th Street bridge. At this time the city doesn't know when the 13th street bridge will be repaired and reopened.

With Canadian Pacific running more trains through Davenport neighborhoods and across a couple of major streets it will be interesting to see how cooperative the railroad and the city will be about getting these bridges fixed and reopened. As a train lover myself, I hope Canadian Pacific is great neighbor and partner to Davenport. I think a great relationship helps both the city and it's residents and the railroad. The city says they've been in talks with the railroad about the condition of both bridges.

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