We've all seen the signs driving down Welcome Way in Davenport.


It's great to see some of the Heroes of our community getting a new station. The Davenport Fire Chief Mike Carlsten was excited to be expanding out of the 59-year-old building. This has been a big story for many in Davenport since it was announced in January.

Earlier in the year, WQAD reported,

Davenport Fire Station 3 will soon have a new home located at Brady Street and Welcome Way, off East 42nd Street. The station will move from its current location at 35th Street and Harrison.

One reason behind the change was the fact that Harrison Street is a one-way street, which Chief Carlsten said caused problems for the fire station. It was clear that there was a need for a new location.

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The New Building

It looks like the wait is finally over. After months of getting the location ready, the groundbreaking is finally taking place next week on August 31st. They even added to their signs.



Thankfully with this new position of this station, trucks will be able to exit off of 42nd street, which allows them to either go down Brady Street or Welcome Way. No longer having to worry about any one-ways.

The entire location will be a huge improvement,

It's not just the location that is getting an improvement either. The inside and outside of the station are designed to better serve both the community and the firefighters as well.

There are also some great health benefits to this new building!

The building was also designed to help prevent cancer. At the current station air is able to flow from the area where trucks and gear are stored up to the sleeping area and living quarters.

All the benefits of this new building are great to see! Congratulations to everyone involved with this amazing groundbreaking ceremony.

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