It's a unique squeal sound we've come to know well - the tone from a weather radio, or on our TV notifying us of a severe weather warning. The tone can be both annoying, and life-saving, but for the next few days, it will be absent.

The broadcast sent to NOAA weather radios and apps from the National Weather Service Office in the Quad Cities will go quiet today, Thursday and Friday.

After over 22 years at 9050 Harrison St. location just east of the Davenport Municipal Airport, the NWS office is moving a whole 350-400 feet to the east into a brand new office.

The NWS public phone-line with daily weather information recordings, and weather radar data will also be offline during the move.

With potentially severe weather in the forecast the next few days, alternatives for broadcast information coming from the NWS can be found digitally with WQAD's Weather app on your phone, and of course their website, and TV broadcasts.

Stay weather aware.

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