If there was ever a time to get your own pool, now would be it. The City of Davenport reps announced today they will not open Dohse, Fejervery, and Annie Wittenmyer Pools and Aquatic Centers this summer.

“With the uncertainty of Covid-19 we feel that every precaution should be taken when considering use of park spaces and facilities,” Parks and Recreation Director Chad Dyson said. “After careful review we feel that keeping our pools closed is the best course of action for the safety of our community."

According to the city website, in the past two months, city staff has continued to review guidelines for safe operations and accommodations to allow public swimming. With over 24,000 pool users each summer, decision makers felt there is still a high exposure potential for COVID-19, specifically in sanitation of all surfaces and with maintaining social distancing in the pool and during lifesaving situations.

Staff will continue to follow recommendations from public health authorities to determine if splash pads and spray parks at Centennial, Peterson, Cork Hill, and Goose Creek Parks will be opened this summer.

Better safe than sorry. At least if you get your own pool, you can limit and control who's dipping toes in your water.

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