It is a difficult time for many, and schools are struggling to decide what to do, but the Davenport school board has plans already in place. They are planning the return of administrators, students and sports, with a school start date of Aug. 24.

A virtual graduation program will also be broadcast June 6 on KWQC.

Return-to-Learn plans are required to be submitted to the Iowa Department of Education (Department) by July 1, 2020. These plans are designed to help districts and nonpublic schools meet the challenges of 2020-21 by:

The district must determine whether it plans to continue with online learning platforms, classroom learning or a  different approach. Board members plan on bringing multiple people in on this decision.

Other updates include:

  • Summer school is, at this time ,scheduled to begin July 15, with a later-than-usual start date.
  • Hiring cycle.
  • District administration center opening.
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