The main point of this idea is "could be." At the moment Des Moines is looking good but has some faults. The city was named one of the best places to live by U.S. News & World Report. In fact, Des Moines made the No. 14 slot.

With its solid rank recently many say that over the next few years, Des Moines could pass even the top 10 spot.

Credit: Nick Johnson Source: Youtube
Credit: Nick Johnson
Source: Youtube

It is reported that The Des Moines metro area is supposed to get to a million people in 20 years. A new video came out looking at the highs and lows of this city.

The Video

According to the video released by Nick Johnson, Des Moines has a lot of great things! He went on to say in the description,

I’m in Des Moines, population 215,000. And that’s a LOT for Iowa. I’d spend two days here, and it would be my last stop in this state. Many people have said that Des Moines, Iowa is the best city nobody talks about. And I have to say, this place needs to be talked about more.


The video also went on to point out why Des Moines throwback vibes could be a good thing,

It is truly a city on the move, and might be symbolic of the NEW Iowa everyone. Downtown Des Moines feels like a throwback to a classic American city. They don’t have all of today’s modern problems in large numbers.


More About Des Monies

U.S. News & World Report also ranked Des Moines as the 12th most affordable place to live in the country. Though the city ranked very low on retirement benefits, and many are keeping an eye on the crime rates.

Overall, Des Moines isn't talked about a lot but does have some very unique and special qualities. What do you think of this city?

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