I am still relatively new to Iowa and before coming here I did not know how much I have to thank Iowa for. Corn, pork producers and of course the band Slipknot (Yes, I am a fan!) and so much more! I am learning more about this state every day and I was surprised to learn some of the inventions that came from Iowa.

I honestly don't know where society would be without some of these inventions today but I don't think Iowa gets enough credit for how much you all contribute to the ever growing economy and society. From computers to ice cream and of course John Deere and everything in between, Iowa has helped grow our country more than we know!

So let's take a look at the 5 surprising inventions to come out of Iowa. Did you know that some of these inventions came from your home state or were you just as surprised as I was? You can comment below and let me know!

These inventions were found and more inventions can be found  at Only In Your State.

5 Inventions From Iowa

What are some other inventions that Iowa is known for?  Other than John Deere of course. Before anyone yells at me, I did not include that on this list because it is a pretty known fact! You can easily find surprising items that Iowa has invented just by searching Google for Iowa + inventions. Show that Iowa pride and become a know it all about your state!


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