Thanksgiving is a great holiday, but it really doesn't have any songs that show off just how wonderful it is.

Halloween has soooooo many. Christmas? EVEN MORE SONGS!

Why doesn't Thanksgiving get more songs? I tracked down the biggest Thanksgiving songs, and could only find three major ones. These aren't the biggest songs by any means, but they are the biggest for Thanksgiving!

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The Biggest Thanksgiving Songs

Jingle Bells

One of the biggest Thanksgiving songs isn't even a Thanksgiving song anymore. It was first published in 1857, and was written by James Lord Pierpont, originally to be sung on Thanksgiving. Obviously now it is a well-known Christmas song. It is Jingle Bell Rock.

Thanksgiving Prayer

Any fan of Thanksgiving Knows this one would be on here. Johnny Cash had a pretty large Thanksgiving hit called "Thanksgiving Prayer." It is absolutely beautiful, and some consider it the anthem of Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Day

This one may be lesser known, but when it comes to thanksgiving it seems like all songs are "lesser known." Ray Davies released "Thanksgiving Day," in 2006, and again, while it's not the most well-known song it does talk about Thanksgiving.

Wow, those are some major hits! Might as well play all three of these songs on repeat this Thanksgiving! Or just start playing Christmas music... I'm sure no one will notice!

Whatever your go-to music is have a safe and fun Thanksgiving from the US 104.9 family! Enjoy that great food! (Someone should just make a song listing all the food you eat on Thanksgiving.) That would be a hit!

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