I have decided to put this debate out to you the good listeners of KIIK 104-9. As I have mentioned so many times both on air and here in my blog, I am an animal lover. Bordering on an animal nut.

Today is my cat Ally's 3rd birthday. I have had her since she was about three months old, so we have been together awhile and it is safe to say we are pretty attached to each other.

The question is this. Do yo have birthday parties for your pets? I do. Tonight there will be new toys, special food, special treats and lots of play time and many pictures. Do you think it is silly or just a harmless spoilage of a sweet animal? Regardless, I'm sure I will continue the parties and the spoiling. I'm just looking for your assurances that I am not a total loon. :)

Happy Birthday Ally!!


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