Halloween isn’t just for the kids—it’s also for pets! Dressing up your dog or cat in costume can bring on some holiday fun that will put you in the Halloween spirit, and it’s great way to show off your pet’s personality too. Here are some tips on how to dress up your pet this Halloween season!

What’s more fun than putting a costume on your animal? Making sure they have their own costume. While you can buy costumes for animals at most stores, why not make them yourself? You’ll be able to show off some creativity, and you’ll save some money. There are tons of different costumes that can fit any size dog, so don’t let it hold you back. Some cool ideas are bow ties or tutus for pups that look extra fancy.

Calling all costumed canines!

Dog-O-Ween returns to Theisen’s on Brady Street in Davenport on Sunday, October 24, 2021.  We'll be broadcasting from 1-3pm with the pet parade starting at 3! Deck out your furry friend and join us for a few tricks and lots of treats – and all for a good cause.

Cost of entry is $10/per pet and will go directly to the Humane Society of Scott County


  • 1st Place: $150 Theisen's Gift Card
  • 2nd Place: $100 Theisen's Gift Card
  • 3rd Place: $75 Theisen's Gift Card

Halloween is one of those times of year where we can get really creative with our pets. We may not all be able to dress them up in full costumes, but adding an accessory or two helps everyone embrace that festive spirit.

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