It's been a law on the books for years in Iowa: all pets other than service animals are prohibited from being on restaurant and bar patios. But, until now, it was never aggressively enforced. The Health Department was always content to focus on other issues.

But, after receiving a handful of complaints, the Scott County Health Department has been compelled to remind Scott County bar and restaurant owners that pets on the patio are a no-no.

In a WQAD report, many restaurant and bar owners are angry at the change in enforcement with many having both welcomed pets and their owners, and planned specific events around them. Many weren't even aware the law existed at all.

Regardless of what has been permitted in the past, the Scott County Health Department warns that establishments with pets on their patios could face a fine of $330, or even the lose of their license.

Certainly, a situation that has gone to the dogs. (I couldn't help it)

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