While there are a lot of things you shouldn't throw away, batteries, tacks, wires, cans, and other recyclables to name a few. It is important to try and follow guidelines about things that are safe to throw away.

Not only that, but you could also see fines or get in some real trouble if you throw them away. Today we will be looking at 11 things you should never throw away.

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The Have These Restrictions

If you want to help the Earth or avoid a nice fine, you can also learn more about these illegal materials on multiple sites throughout Iowa.

Many of the things on this list I would never have thrown away based on common scenes, but others are important to keep an eye out for if you are throwing stuff away in a hurry.

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The Weirdest Illegal Item To Throw Away

There is a weird one on this list that I didn't mention in the main list since I'm not sure why anyone would throw it away, and honestly, if you're dealing with this problem throwing it away seems like the least of your issues. It is illegal to throw away anything smoldering or on fire.


Yeah, I would think throwing anything on fire into the trash with other flammable things would be a bad idea. Okay enough with the obvious, here are the 12 illegal things to throw away in Iowa.

Illegal Items To Throw Away In Iowa

Iowa has laws in place to help protect the environment and conserve dwindling space in landfills, according to the solid waste agency, These things are illegal to throw away.

  • Regulated hazardous wastes, including flammable or toxic liquids (including paints), solids and fuels*
  • Tires
  • Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT) and all televisions & computer monitors*
    Fluorescent bulbs/lamps*
  • Solar Panels
  • TSCA-regulated PCB-containing wastes, including capacitors, ballasts and transformers*
  • Lead acid automotive batteries*
  • Unapproved special wastes
  • Unapproved contaminated soil
  • Unapproved, undeclared or improperly packaged non-friable, friable, or regulated asbestos-containing material (RACM)
  • Corrugated cardboard*
  • Yard waste*
  • Free liquids

Now you know. Hopefully, you weren't throwing any of those things away before reading this, if you were... now you know that you could see some legal action if you get caught.

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