Is it too early to start thinking about Christmas? Yes. But, you'll give me a pass when I tell you about this event. A drive through Christmas light show set to music is coming to Centennial Park, 209 S. Gaines Street, in Davenport.

The show called Santa's Rock N Lights will take place at the park from Black Friday through New Years Eve. There's over 100,000 lights all synchronized to music that you can listen to on your car radio. Here's a description of the show according to their website.

"Santa’s Rock n Lights is a drive thru Christmas light show experience. This is a totally new tradition in which the lights are animated to Christmas music instead of just your traditional still displays. We invite you to load up family and friends to watch the action of lights dancing to music all from the warmth of your car!"

According to Santa's Rock N Lights is the brainchild of the same man who created the very popular Glo Run, Peter Staryowicz. The Iowa State grad tells the website, “It’s an experience. It’s got action, energy and lights!”

Cost is $20 per car with up to six people. Sounds expensive, but if there's four or six of you and it's part of a night out it seems pretty reasonable to me. Santa's Rock N Lights has a program that gives back to local charities and organizations as well. You can learn more about that at their website.

Vehicles need to be under ten feet tall and have a working radio to hear the music. Tickets can be purchased in advance or when you go to drive through the display. More information can be found here.

I see this as being the culmination of a great family or couple's evening out. Perhaps starting with a meal somewhere. Then checking out some of the great displays Quad City residents put on while making your way to Centennial Park. Maybe a stop for some coffee or a hot chocolate. Then wrapping up the night with a drive through Santa's Rock N Lights.


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