Dunkin' just dropped the 'Donuts" from it's brand name and now the company is slam dunkin' (see what I did there?) a shot at it's competitor.

Sort of; it's an espresso shot. Dunkin' announced this week they will begin offering espresso-based beverages at restaurants nationwide.

The company plans to launch a comprehensive marketing campaign, including espresso cups featuring a new bright orange design with an exclamation point, it said in a statement.

Dunkin's espresso line will allow it to compete with Starbucks as well as McDonalds, which offers a variety of espresso-based beverages. The company plans to invest $100 million to update most of their 9200 U.S. stores.

Get ready to be buzzed soon; Dunkin' plans to release the new espresso line in the U.S. by this holiday season.

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