Update:  A story in the Quad City Times is reporting that Alderman Jose Roberto Rico is talking to his doctor to determine whether prescription drugs may have played a role in his behavior. Mr. Rico was recently prescribed a new drug for a health issue and suspects his behavior was a result of the adverse affects of the drug. 

Mr. Rico told the Quad City Times "Mental illness is an issue, and anyone can have it, including elected officials," he said. "I think it was an unfortunate mixture of a little bit of alcohol and a new medication.

"I'm a very professional young person, and everyone makes mistakes. Last night was not a good night."

East Moline 7th Ward Alderman Jose Roberto Rico was arrested for public intoxication and possession of drug paraphernalia after creating a nuisance at a Davenport bar and the surrounding area last night. This according to a report from Ourquadcities.com and our news share partner Local 4.

According to Local 4 News, police received multiple calls about a drunk man causing a disturbance. One caller told police Rico was shouting at other patrons of Rookies Sports Bar, 2818 Brady Street, and putting his arm around women he didn't know.

Police found Rico in the parking lot of Rookies with an unbuttoned shirt and what appeared to be vomit on the front of it. Rico appeared intoxicated as he approached police officers and advised he was a city councilman and gave the name Rico to the officers. During his interactions with officers he repeatedly told them he was a councilman and that he needed to be released immediately. He also demanded the officer contact "dad and mommy" because "they would take care of this."

Local 4 News says police also found a glass pipe with burnt residue and the distinct smell of marijuana in his jacket pocket.

There's a couple of lessons to be learned here. One, if you're a public figure or in public service and you're going out to get lit. Bring your best friend. You know ... the person who won't let you get arrested or make a jack ass out of yourself. Second, anyone whose watched one episode of "Live PD" knows marijuana stinks up whatever it's near. Your car, your clothes, you. Maybe if your going to flaunt the law even if "it's just pot" you should do that at home.

Finally, while dad or mom might be who you call to get bailed out of jail, or who you call for a ride home. It's probably not a good idea to demand the officer contact "dad and mommy" and say "they'll take care of this." The drunkenness, the pot, the arrest. All of that can be forgiven and probably will be forgotten over time. Saying dad and mommy will take care of this. That just makes me wonder whether your capable of serving our community.

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