East Moline parks have been smoke free for several years. Last night the city council expanded that ban to include all forms of tobacco. That means no more chew, no more vaping, no more using any tobacco products in the park.

I think that's a good thing. While the smoke from burning tobacco can bother others and can harm others health, there's a little more to consider than whose being harmed by the use of tobacco products. While chewing tobacco or vaping only places the user at risk; who wants to step in a discarded wad of tobacco someone spit out on the ground. Additionally, some people can be bothered by the aroma or the clouds from someone vaping. It is a small thing, a courtesy, but it can make or break a day at the park for some people.

Tobacco will still be allowed in the parking lot, but use in the actual park can result in hundreds of dollars in fines. This according to ourquadcities.com.

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