Ah yes, the beautiful world of live broadcasting sure is something special. You truly never know what's going to happen. As a radio host, I am all too familiar with the slip-ups on air, but when they happens live because of someone else it always just feels even more awkward.

Iowa has a lot of local broadcasting legends sadly while two of them were doing their usual show a teen jumped in a gave them the bird. We have the video down below.

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The Video

Poor Joe Winters, he has always done right by Iowa, and truly does a great job, but while in Iowa city a teen interrupted his send-off.

The video was shared by Kendall Miner on June 20th at 4:51 PM and is currently getting thousands of views after catching this very random scene. Personally, I can't hear what the kid is saying, but some comments say they agree with the kid...so who knows.

Thankfully no one was hurt, and it just appears to be a situation where a kid wanted to interrupt a live newscast, and his best idea was flipping Joe, and the listeners the bird a classic for many who have jumped in on a live report.

Both newscasters play it off well, and you can tell by their faces that they have seen this before. The final look at the camera truly says it all.

Source: Kendall Miner
Source: Kendall Miner

Shout out to these two local legends for just laughing it off, and keeping the newscast going, as always you never know what you'll see or hear during a live broadcast.

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