Occasionally you'll be in a drive through, or a line. and you'll get to the register to find the person before you picked up your tab. Usually it's for something small like your Mocha Latte at Starbucks or something like that.  That's happened to my wife Kathy a couple of times. What happened to us in the Taco Bell drive through on Elmore Avenue Saturday Afternoon I can't say I've ever experienced before.

Kathy's the better story teller, so I'm going to quote her telling of the experience that she posted on Facebook:

Rob and I drove through Taco Bell and ordered two orange cream freezes. We pulled up to the window, and as the employee hands over the drinks...


Taco Bell Woman: Why you not get the blue ones?


Rob: We’ve never tried the blue ones.


TBW: Why you not mix ‘em?


Rob: We wanted to try the orange ones.


She pops back into the window with our payment and pops back out a minute later with Rob’s debit card and a cup with the blue and orange mixed together.


Me: (incredulous) What is that?!


TBW: Now you try it. It’s still good if you want freeze it.


Rob: Oh, wow, okay! Thanks!


After we drove away, Rob double-checked the receipt as I sipped from the top of the open cup.


Rob: She didn’t charge us!


Me: The blue is good.

Turns out the Taco Bell woman, as Kathy and I have been calling her, was right. The Airheads Blue Raspberry Freeze mixed with the Orange Cream Pop Freeze is good.  More importantly, that little act of kindness made our day and maybe our week. Especially since Kathy had dealt with a cranky Walmart checker earlier in the week that had left her longing for the friendliness of Texas. Thank you Taco Bell woman!

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