It is officially here! Iowa now has it's first ever LEGO store. The celebration lasts all week long with exclusive gifts, amazing deals, and great times. I was lucky enough to attend the grand opening.


Last year we got word from the Des Moines Register that Iowa would be seeing it's first LEGO Store ever. The new Jordan Creek LEGO Store is located on the lower level of the mall, right next to Lululemon. The space was formerly home to Amazon 4-star. LEGO now has well over 30 stores across America. The Des Moines Register went on to say,

"We’re thrilled to be the location of the first LEGO store in Iowa and it will be a great addition to the center."


A Look At The New LEGO Store In Iowa

After waiting in line for about 30 minutes, I finally got to take a look inside. It isn't the biggest LEGO store out there, but it does have some depth to it. Overall, it is everything you could want from a LEGO store. It is basically a cut out from other stores you'd see in similarly sized areas.


According to the LEGO website, it was also reported that their stores also offer areas for kids to play. The site says:

"Whether you follow the instructions or build by your own rules, every builder will love the hands-on play opportunities at the LEGO Store. With new creative building scenarios each month, there are a million ways to play!"

Compared to other malls the play area isn't too big, but is great for a few kids at a time. They also have some fabulous display sets and areas.

The employees and team members were above and beyond to make everyone's experience special as always.

Video Of The LEGO Store

I myself am a huge fan of LEGO and documented the entire experience.

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