Maybe you're one of those parents who don't want your kids to have too much candy. Maybe you're trying to teach your kids to give back. Or maybe, the kids didn't show up at your house and you have bags of candy left over. Whatever the case, Operation Gratitude, a group whose delivered over two million care packages to first responders, veterans, troops and military families can put your Halloween Candy to good use.

In every care package Operation Gratitude sends out, they include a handful of candy. A major source of this candy: Halloween treats that have been donated to the group through their popular Halloween candy give back program.

While there isn't a drop off location in the Quad Cities this year, there is a location in Clinton: Clinton Community School District, 1350 14th Street NW, 52732. You can contact them about their Halloween candy give back program at 563-242-7540.

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