Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are known for romantic duet ballads and passionate onstage kisses, but they've also got a long track record of goofing off together in their two-and-a-half decades of marriage.

To celebrate their 26th anniversary on Oct. 6, Hill opted to tap into comedy — with a dash of sweetness — for her social media tribute to her husband. She shared video footage from the opening of their joint Country Music Hall of Fame exhibit from 2017: Specifically, she pulled a clip of them speaking together at the organization's podium, and some hilarious commentary she made for the occasion.

"Most everybody loves you more. That's okay. That's okay, though, because I'm comfortable with myself," Hill said drily at the opening of the clip, causing McGraw to crack up on camera.

"I'm pretty comfortable with you, too!" he added.

Hill's speech went on to blend humor with sincerity.

"The greatest gift that we have ever been given in life are our children," she continued, getting a little misty-eyed as she spoke. "It's because of them that I want to be the best person I can possibly be. And because of their dad."

"That's you, by the way," Hill added, pointing at McGraw, in case anyone was unsure — causing in another wave of laughter from the crowd, and from her husband.

"I do love this guy. He is spicy like Tabasco sauce times 1000," Hill went on to say, a goofy smile on her face. "He is spicy, and he's a handful, and it's awesome. And he's just taught me to be spicier all the time. Thank you for my babies. I love them and I love you."

It was a mixed bag on the Country Music Hall of Fame stage that day, with the two superstars weaving back and forth between expressing their devotion to each other and goofing off — and that's still the crux of their relationship today.

"I ran across this video a while back and thought it would be a good post in honor of our 26 year anniversary," Hill writes on socials in sharing the video. "I love making my husband laugh, but nothing is more fun than making him do so in public."

McGraw celebrated their 26th anniversary on his social channels, too, even if his tribute wasn't quite as "spicy" as his wife's. He kept things a little more romantic, posting a montage of their onstage kisses and most adoring moments, set to their 2007 duet, "I Need You."

"Happy anniversary to my girl!!!" McGraw says in the caption. "I love you baby."

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