Carolyn C. Moon, former owner of the Iowa 80 Truck Stop loved art according to an article in the Quad City Times. Her daughter Delia told the paper that Carolyn loved to paint, design things, and even create miniature dollhouses. In addition she loved art and would take her kids to art and history museums. That may be part of the reason why her family made a very sizable donation to the Figge Art Museum.

The Figge cost almost $47 million dollars to build. The gift from the Moon Family helps the museum eliminate almost all of their building debt. "This major gift will continue to make a difference for our community for generations," Figge executive director Tim Schiffer told the paper. "We are so grateful to the Moon family for their generosity."

I too would like to thank the Moon family for their donation. The Quad Cities deserves great places to explore art and culture. Thanks to them, the Figge Art Museum will be a place to look, learn and marvel at art for years to come. It'll be a place where many moms will get to do exactly what Carolyn did for her kids. Pass on an appreciation of art. In that respect the Moon family's donation is priceless.


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