If there's been any good news during this pandemic, it's been comforting to know the virus hasn't been spreading to our kids. That could be changing.

The University of Iowa Children’s Hospital this week admitted its first two COVID-19 pediatric patients, according to The Gazette.

The the story says the hospital isn’t releasing details about those patients, like their age, gender, or whether they had preexisting conditions or immune systems that were compromised.

The two young COVID-19 patients, admitted Wednesday, are isolated at the UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital, away from the adult patients, according to UIHC Chief Medical Office

Nationally and internationally, adults are contracting the disease at a much higher rate than children, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Local, state and national leaders have urged parents to avoid playdates for kids and asked they be kept away from high-risk family members, in that even asymptomatic children can pass along the virus.

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds recently ordered the closure of parks in hopes of limiting the coronavirus’ spread on playground equipment.

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