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What a blast of the white stuff we got on Tuesday into Wednesday...Missed that whole "White Christmas" thing by thiiissss much. The reaction is to get out and shovel right away, to make sure you are all taken care of. Then read on Facebook the rest of the day, how much people's backs are sore!

So let's get down to it, there are right and wrong ways to shovel. Actually, if you are thinking "dude I have a snow blower I'm all good..." you, can hurt yourself as well.

So here are Five Ways to Help Shovel Snow Without Hurting Yourself:

  • Avoid holding your breath - OMG....need to lift this...gonna be heavy...Dude, breathe.
  • Bend from your hips and knees, NOT your back - This holds true with picking up a shoe, a box, a dollar, ANYTHING.
  • Avoid reaching too far - This will make the snow you are lifting, way heavier...and you will get hurt.
  • If the snowfall was a big one, lift and move it in layers to limit the weight - I've tried this one before, "I'll get it all at once." Nope. 
  • Lift from your legs - Yep, see above. Putting too much pressure on your back in a no no. 

These seem simple enough, but often times we forget because we are in a hurry or just don't wanna do it.

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