When it comes to what we want for this most romantic of days, the answer is clear.

Google has published this handy dandy map of people searching flowers versus chocolate for Valentine's Day and, well, break out the Clearasil because chocolate wins by a Russell Stover-sized margin.

Every single state searched for chocolate more than flowers.

You don't need to study this map like Columbus to know chocolate is the way to go when deciding what to give that man/woman who makes your heart race. Fortunately, if you do go the flower route and give traditional roses for a present, take heart in knowing you aren't esactly guaranteed a spot in the fraternity of bad Valentine's Day gifts.

The lesson is clear: cover your bases and give a bouquet of chocolate. Or, maybe just a bouquet of chicken nuggets. The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, right? Maybe we can get to a woman's, too.

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