It's that time of year. The flu in both Illinois and Iowa is considered widespread according to the Quad City Times. And Peak flu season will soon be here, if it's not already.

Want to avoid getting the flu? Or if you get it, keep from passing it on to others? Doctors recommend following the three C's: Clean, Cover, Contain. In other words: Wash your hands often. Cover your mouth when you cough. Stay home when your sick. The Centers for Disease Control also believes in the three C's. You can check out their tips for preventing the flu here.

One thing we can do a better job of is containing the flu. Last time I had it I got it from a friend who just had to go to our boys night out even though he was sick as a dog. I tried to stay away from him, but there was no escaping the funk he was putting out there that night.

Stay home from work too. Coming to work hacking up a lung and coughing over everything won't get you the gold star. It just contaminates work surfaces and causes more people to get the flu. If you're the boss and you force your employees to show up sick, stop it. Just stop it. Someone sick with the flu isn't actually the most efficient employee anyway.

The moral of the story. Get your flu shot. Stay away from sick people. Cover your mouth when you cough. If we all do these things maybe we'll make it through the winter without being sick as a dog


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