Time for another edition of “Fork It Over” the weekly review of the lunch meeting that Craig from the Morning KIIK Start and I try and have each Tuesday.

This week we visited The J Bar, a first for both of us. When we arrived, because it is located in a hotel, it wasn’t readily apparent if they were actually open. When we walked through the rotating door we were greeted immediately and offered our choice of a high top or low top table. Our server was being shadowed by a trainee and she seemed very knowledgeable of the menu. Although I was a little surprised that when I asked her opinion between two sandwiches she indicated that she had tried neither.

After looking at the variety of menu choices I settled on a burger and fries, Craig on a Cuban sandwich and fries. In a weak moment when my eyes were clearly bigger than my stomach I also asked for a cup of the chicken tortilla soup.

The soup arrived, as requested before the meal, and made a nice visual presentation. At first I thought it tasted like nothing more than a bowl of refried beans but when I stirred it a little more thoroughly I managed to get a very different taste profile that I liked a lot.

Craig’s sandwich was described on the menu as Guajillo Pulled Pork, Capicola Ham, Pickles, Swiss, Sriracha mustard on a pressed Cuban Baguette. It was a tad messy and fell apart on him but he said it was very good.

The burger was huge and garnished with Butter lettuce, Heirloom Tomato, Onion on a toasted bun. It was cooked as I asked and I enjoyed it.

BUT…… for both of us it was the fries that stole the show. Listed on the menu as Smoked Sea Salt Fries they came out piping hot and with the most amazing taste and flavor. We both remarked that we love it when fries come out hot and fresh from the fryer because they are always so much better that way. Amazingly these held up their flavor and taste even as they cooled off. I seriously could see going there at Happy Hour time to have a drink and a huge basket of the fries. The manager visited us toward the end of our lunch and we told her how much we both liked the fries. She indicated they are fresh right down to being cut in the kitchen.





Overall a good lunch experience. It was not busy and there were only two other tables in use the entire time we were there. I think going back I will try the Steak Melt, which I was very close to landing on this time. And of course, lots and lots of the fries.

Price was average and in line with similar restaurants in the area. Service was attentive and pleasant.

The J Bar is located at 4215 Elmore Avenue in Davenport and is located in the Holiday Inn and Suites. 563-468-6150


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