There are few things I watch as closely as announcements from M&M's. To be honest, I probably watch their Instagram feed more closely than I watch some of my favorite television shows. But it pays off.

This week, I learned that there will soon be Fudge Brownie flavored M&Ms. Now, odds are that this just means they'll be extra chocolatey. But brownie batter has a distinct flavor, and I'm hoping they can capture it.

Previous new flavors have included coffee and jalapeño and a few other odd ones. But this? This is a flavor that makes sense to turn into a candy. After all, brownie batter is about as safe to eat as raw cookie dough. We do it anyway, but it's a risk!

Assuming these M&Ms get it right, they could save us a lot of time (and effort, because stirring can be exhausting).

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