If you and the kids love building together or are just big fans of Lego there are two great events for you to check out in the QCA this summer. As many of us look for things to do to wrap up our summer 2022 events at the library are perfect.

The local library is always a great spot to try new activities and events.

The Events


This event is every Wednesday from 1 PM to 2 PM. You can find even more events at the Rock Falls Public Library here.

Location: Rock Falls Public Library District, 1007 7th Ave
Rock Falls, Illinois.


LEGO Club: Animals!

You can find this on Wednesdays from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM. You can get ready to build with a fun theme of animals. You can learn more here. Their website states,

Come build with our LEGOS - your creation will be displayed at the library for the next month. The builder's theme is Animals!

Location: LeClaire Community Library - 323 Wisconsin Street, IA 52 753
Le Claire, Iowa.

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Lego In My Life

My younger sister and I are big fans of LEGO, in fact, we've built a Lego city together.

The Full City

Over the last two years, this is what we have built.

The City

It's been a great way to spend time with my sister, and get some time to spend together. I recently moved which also led to me having to move this city. It is currently in a bunch of boxes. Hopefully, someday we can build again. All we have left are these fun photos.

LEGO Close Up

If you and the family are looking for a way to connect, Lego and these two events might just be perfect for all of you.

Brick World Chicago

Brick World Chicago 2022 had another great year where builders and fans alike came together to see and show off the best builds in the USA

This Toy Is Worth Thousands

If you still have parts to this toy, you could make some serious $$$$. Countless parts of this game are worth a pretty penny alone.

Here is a look at different parts you may have for the game "Hero Scape"
If you have any of these you could be making some serious cash, so keep an eye out.

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