Have you ever been so angry you've wanted to throw a hatchet? Now you can at Live Action Games in Davenport's NorthPark Mall.

Live Action Games opened this summer at the mall and they offer a few unique games you can play. According to their website they offer escape rooms, scavenger hunts and hatchet throwing. Hatchet throwing is what I'm interested in.

I find there's an attraction after a difficult day to play with something dangerous. There's something cathartic about taking a sharp object like a hatchet and flinging it into a bulls- eye in the middle of a hunk of plywood. It seems like a great way to burn off some excess aggravation or frustration. Maybe after a tough work week or a tough afternoon with unruly kids.

Hatchet throwing though isn't just away to burn off some aggression, it's a sport. According to the Quad City Times the first axe throwing leagues started in Canada in 2006. Last year the World Axe Throwing league was formed. Live Action Games owners describe axe throwing as similar to darts but with a hatchet. The scoring system is similar to bar games like darts as well.

The owners of Live Action Games told the paper many get into the sport for the reason I'm attracted to it. There's a novelty and excitement to playing with sharp objects. Then once they get started they keep coming back because they want to see how well they can master the skills.

I don't know about you, but the next time I get more than a little frustrated. I think I'm heading to the mall to throw some hatchets ... and then enjoy a hot fudge sundae from Whitey's. That sounds like a great way to burn off some aggression and right my world.

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