Soon this cold and awful weather will go away.

When the weather finally gets nicer, ghost hunters come out to find the next big spot where they can prove that ghosts exist. Now that things are starting to open again, many amateur ghost hunters start right here in the Midwest since there are so many great spots to "find ghosts."

Floating Ghost Evil Spirit Looking Over Her Shoulder in a Derelict Asylum Hospital
Paul Campbell

If you live in Iowa, there are some amazing ghost-hunting spots to visit!

Ghost Hunting spots In Iowa

Many states have their own local legends, and iconic haunted spots, but Iowa has some nationally famous locations that locals can visit today.

Oakdale Cemetery

A cool spot I have personally been to is Oakdale CemeteryGraves like "Limb Of Unknown Child" and "Baby Boy Fear" have a long history of ghost stories. locals say If you stand by this section on Halloween night, you can hear the screams of the orphans.


Edinburgh Manor

Places like Edinburgh Manor are once again open for those who want to explore abandoned asylum.

They have openings starting in July. Their website states,

The building does not have heat or running water. There is electricity. There is a house on site that is used for the bathroom and guests may use that to sleep in. Has fridge, micro, toaster, coffee pot, stove, beds, but carpeted. Please feel free to bring air mattresses and sleeping bags.

The Manor

13 Steps

Another spot I've been to many times is 13 steps, though I'd recommend making sure you are allowed there first.  A few stories and legends that fill this area are that of EVP ghostly voices. Sightings of a red-eye growling dog. A witch that haunts the area, and floating orbs of light. Many of the headstones date back to the 1800s which just adds to the legends.

The "witch" legend comes from an infamous cracked tombstone,


Villisca Axe Murder House

This spot is historic and has been visited by some of the most famous ghost hunters in the world. Anyone can visit this spot.

The tragic story is as follows,

On a quiet residential street in this small town sits an old white frame house. On a dark evening, the absence of lights and sounds are the first indication to visitors that this house is different from the other homes that surround it. Upon closer inspection, you'll notice the doors and windows are tightly closed and covered. An outhouse in the backyard suggests that this house does not occupy a place in the 21st century but somehow belongs in another era or another story. A weather-beaten sign warns rather than welcomes. This is the "Murder House".

You can learn more on the website.

Crybaby Bridge

This one has a few rumors from a bus crashing off the bridge to a mother throwing her baby off the bridge. No matter what people think happened, some say if you stop in the middle of the bridge and put your car in neutral, an invisible force will slowly push you safely across the bridge, or even off it.

The Black Angel

Located at Deere tomb in Riverside Cemetery, many say it was struck by lightning, turning it black. Others say that when people visited it they died, though no claim was ever confirmed. The family did take the angle down however due to vandalism.

If you are going ghost hunting this year please be safe, and make sure you never trespass. I hope you catch something!

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