Happy Joe's has a new pizza. If you love soft pretzels, you may like this pizza a lot. Happy Joe's Pretzel Pizza is now available at most locations through January 7.

According to Happy Joe's Facebook post, the pizza cost $4.99 plus tax and can be added to your order. You can only get it as small, which is a nine inch pizza, and according to Happy Joe's website that size feeds one to two people.

I can't think of two things I like better than pizza and soft pretzels. Soft pretzels with a cup of cheese is my guilty pleasure food at airports and Northpark Mall. It takes a lot of will power for me not to be walking out of Walmart with a pretzel every time I stop in there. And I shop Walmart a lot.

If you examine the picture posted on Facebook it looks like a pretzel crust, with pretzel salt sprinkled on the crust. The pizza looks topped with pepperoni and lots of gooey cheese. Give me some cheese sauce to dip the crusts in and I'm good to go.

What do you think, will you be trying Happy Joe's Pepperoni Pizza?

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