Hardy and Lainey Wilson joined forces on the stage of Dierks Bentley's Seven Peaks Musical Festival on Saturday night (Sept. 3), giving the first-ever live performance of their much-buzzed-about duet single, "Wait in the Truck."

To celebrate the occasion, both artists wore outfits reminiscent of their song's music video. Wilson wore a white tank top similar to the one she wears in the clip, but it was Hardy's orange prison jumpsuit that was most eye-catching, and the clearest homage to the song's subject matter.

"Wait in the Truck" is a smoldering murder ballad, with Hardy playing the role of a guy who runs into a visibly abused and emotionally distraught woman (played by Wilson) on the side of the road — and kills the man who hurt her.

He ultimately goes to prison, and 60 months later, Wilson still comes to visit him, and he doesn't regret his actions, despite the fact that he's likely to remain locked away for the rest of his life.

"And I might be here forever / It ain't paradise, it's true / But it's a whole hell of a lot better / Than the place I sent him to," Hardy sings toward the end of his song.

Video footage of the two acts' Saturday night performance posted by Country Now shows Wilson and Hardy delivering a live rendition of "Wait in the Truck" that's just as foreboding and sinister as the recorded version, and tells a vivid story augmented by the two stars' outfits.

"Wait in the Truck," which Hardy co-wrote with Hunter Phelps, Jordan Schmidt and Renee Blair, came out in late August. The song headed to radio as the most-added country single, with 57 stations picking up the track upon its release.

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