Just like the classic hits we play on KIIK 104.9, objects from our younger years trigger memories of good times, and help us put our present in perspective.

Many of us spent hours of our youth playing board games like Monopoly. We all had our favorite token that we liked to represent us on the board (I liked being the shoe or the car).

From January 10 through January 31, Hasbro - makers of Monopoly - is asking the Internet to vote for the game pieces that they deem worthy to be the next eight tokens, ranging from current classic pieces like the thimble and top hat to more than 50 new options that include a rubber duck and a penguin.

Some of the tokens that more accurately represent modern times are a wireless phone, a computer, a kissy face that bears a striking resemblance to an emoji, and a sports car.

Of course, lots of folks are upset about the potential lose of their fave tokens. We already lost the Iron token in 2013 when it was replaced by Hazel the Cat.

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