As we wrap up Halloween 2020 I look back at all the haunted sites I visited this year. A special thanks to everyone who also wrote stories, shared their experiences, and also shared terrifying photos.

This article is a quick recap of all the haunted locations near and around the QC I visited. Hopefully we can visit even more next year.

 "Limb Of Unknown Child" Davenport's Darkest Legend

This was the first article I wrote. It's one of many chilling legends here in davenport. It's filled with tragic history, and leaves so many unanswered questions. You can read that here.


13 Steps

It's just outside Palo, Iowa. This legend involves a witch and a Hell dog. You can find more about that legend here. 

13 Stairs in Cemetery
JT/Townsquare Media

The Legend Of The "Black Angel" 

Found in Iowa City this statute over 8 feet tall. While angels aren't unusual to be found in cemeteries, over the years this one has become more eerie looking than most. This has lead to a dark rumor that can be found here.


Edinburgh Manor

Once an asylum now a popular paranormal site. Many spirits are said to haunt this location. More information can be found here.

Credit: Logan Coppess
Credit: Logan Coppess

"Baby Boy Fear" A Legend That Haunts Davenport

another tragic, and rather unknown legend of Davenport. This site is said to have children laughing, and screaming depending on the night. More can be found here.

122144527_2694768567439038_1624308566503465949_n (1)

Rock 'n' Roll Mansion 

And finally our very own building. Once a funeral home, and now a radio station. This place is home to some fun and angry spirits. Read more here.


Thanks for joining me on this spooky adventure.

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