Who doesn't love Illinois? Illinois is the place for you. Usually you most likely think of major cities when it comes to famous drinks. That's not the only place where you can find the best though... Northern Illinois is known as an agricultural town with rolling fields of corn and has award-winning wine towns.

Today we will be looking at what has been called one of the best wineries in Illinois.

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This spot has a lot of love behind it. "Only In Your State" went on to say,

While there are plenty of great family-owned places to stop and eat throughout the county, you may not exactly think “charming winery” when all you see are farms and tractors. Yet, just like the rest of Illinois, this area has its share of fantastic wineries and breweries.


The Award Winning Illinois Small Town

Prairie Street Winery is located in the downtown area of Genoa in rural DeKalb County. They have murals of wine and celebrate the culture this kind of wine brings. Sources go on to say,

The winery was opened in 1998 by a pair of former high school teachers, and in the 25 years that's followed the shop has won numerous awards.

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The selection is also considered incredible by many, and those awards come from the unique flavors. Some of those flavors also celebrate the great state of Illinois. The website goes on to state,

Using only grapes grown in Illinois, the award-winning Prairie State Winery makes and bottles all of its wine on location in downtown Genoa. Their production and bottling buildings are right across the street from the tasting room. They take a gentle approach to winemaking leaves our wines with nice body and fruit characters, unlike many thin, mass-produced wines in the marketplace. The Genoa tasting room hosts live music and many other events throughout the year and features an outdoor patio.

Next time you want some wine, you should check out Prairie Street Winery.

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