Congratulations to Boetje's Mustard!  Their Honey Mustard just won 3rd place in the "Honey" category at the World Wide Mustard Competition!

The National Mustard Museum has put on this prestigious international tasting competition since 1995.

"It is a blind tasting, so the judges have only unlabeled mustards in front of them. They do not know if they are sampling the mustard of a large international company or that of a small artisan moutardier. We bring together chefs, food writers, other food professionals and mustard aficionados to carefully evaluate the mustards. As you can imagine, it is a daunting task but one that our judges take very seriously.

Yes, I know.  Shocking.  "Moutardier" is a real word.

We all know and love our Boetje's Mustard.  After all they are the local business offering you" gourmet stone ground mustard for your dining pleasure. Boetje’s tangy flavor has the zip that makes it a favorite for steaks, sandwiches, burgers, marinating, and dipping."

It really is the best.  Which is why it's no surprise why it took home an award.

There are 17 categories of mustard to be tasted and scored. Examples of categories are Honey, Dijon, Spirit, Hot Pepper, and Exotic mustards, as well as mustard-based Dressings and BBQ Sauces.

Middleton, Wisconsin is where the Mustard Museum resides.  It's a great road trip if you're a fan of mustard.  In fact my family and I have been there multiple times.  They have so many kinds of mustard, in fact, that even if you're NOT a fan of mustard you will find one you love.

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