Things don't look good for the Arconic eagle family.

A few weeks ago we told you the Arconic eagle parents Liberty and Justice prepared a nest and were sitting on two eggs. The female obviously lays the eggs, but the male helps sit on the eggs and keep them warm.

According to the Arconic Eagle Cam Facebook page, a third adult eagle encroached on the nest and started harassing the Arconic eagle pair. Consequently Liberty and Justice spent a significant amount of time away from the nest. That's not good when you need to keep eggs warm.

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A spokesperson for the page suggested the eggs might have been damaged during a fight to protect the nest, rendering the eggs non-viable. So, no eagle babies are expected this year.

I wanted to let you know things do not look good for our eagle family this year. Last week a third adult eagle was...

Posted by Arconic Eagle Cam on Tuesday, March 30, 2021

That seems to be the general consensus of educated bird watchers who follow the page as well. It's also possible the eggs were never viable. Which may be a reason other eagles buzzed around to push Liberty and Justice out of their cozy home. Regardless of the reason, it's sad news. The couple won't get another shot at laying eggs until early next spring.

Today I checked the Arconic Eagle Cam feed and just saw an egg sitting in an empty nest.

Liberty laid her first egg on Friday, February 26. A second egg was spotted a few days later. The eggs were expected to hatch in early April.

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