There were a lot of great movies scheduled to come out this year, and in early 2021. Sadly many have been put on hold. A few movies were put on streaming services, but others are getting pushed back a few months... For now. Here's a list of some of the biggest names getting pushed.

Wonder Woman 1984
Original Release: June 5th

New Release: August 14th

Original Release: May 4th

New Release: ????

Black Widow
Original Release: May 1st

New Release: November 6th

Original Release: July 2020

New Release: March 2021

A Quite Place II
Original Release: March 20th

New Release: ????

Fast and Furious 9
Original Release: May 22nd

New Release: April 2021

2020 looked like a great year for movies, and I was looking forward to a lot of these movies. Hopefully they all still do well, I will defiantly be watching them when they come out.

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