The great Grape Nuts shortage of 2020 is coming to an end. If you're like me you've been missing this healthy breakfast cereal for months. Production and supply issues made the cereal impossible to find lately.

The fine folks at Grape Nuts what you to know you'll find the cereal back on shelves in mid-March.

But the company feels bad we've had to wait so they'll give you a $1.50 coupon and until March 19 you have a chance to win a year supply of the nutty goodness. 10 fans will win.

Sign up for the coupon and the contest here. I've already seen Grape Nuts Flakes on the shelves in the Quad Cities. Maybe we'll see Grape Nuts sooner than mid March here. Reps say the cereal can be ordered online at Target now.

“We recognize that the temporary Grape-Nuts shortage has been frustrating to fans given that Grape-Nuts is a one-of-a-kind cereal and there is no other cereal like it on the market,” said Kristin DeRock, Grape-Nuts brand manager at Post Consumer Brands, in a news release.

USA Today

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