If you're a bird enthusiast in the Quad-Cities you may already  know about the eagle nest north of Eriksen Chevrolet in Milan.

According to a QC Times article, Kathy Wine, executive director of River Action says “Check in with them first, and they will take you right to it,”

If you’ve visited the semi-secret destination recently,  you might not be aware of a renovated trail offering a sweet view of bald eagles along the Rock River.

If you'd like to check it out, park at the trail head next to Subway and hike east along the paved Rock River Trail atop Milan’s levee toward the primitive path that starts by Mill Creek. The 1.6-mile loop runs between the Hennepin Canal and the Rock River and winds west toward, below and around the U.S. 67 bridge.

Quad-City volunteers, led by Dean “Bareback” Mathias, began clearing brush with a handsaw about two years ago in hopes of reopening the overgrown stretch of land between the two bodies of water.

Curt Kemmerer, a Maquoketa-based wildlife biologist for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, stressed that observers should give the predators space.

Bring binoculars when you go. You'll get an amazing up close view.

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