Many people have seen O and his food truck throughout Iowa. He seems to always be everywhere delivering Mediterranean food to those who stop by the truck. Something many don't know is that he actually has a restaurant in Cedar Rapids Iowa.

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About O's Grill

The restaurant is located at 3911 Center Point Rd NE, and is almost two years old now, but O has been in the food business for a long time. The website goes on to state,

O’s Grill began in 2009 as a small hot dog cart with big aspirations. Leveraging our experience in Mediterranean cuisine and a passion for delicious food, we served some of the best steak and chicken shish kabobs in downtown Cedar Rapids. Our dedication to quality food and quality customer service quickly helped us win an enormous clientele and, relying on word-of-mouth, O’s Grill thrived.


Now they still have the food truck, but they also have a physical location with staff waiting to give you the best.

Today, we are proud to have served the hungry customers of Cedar Rapids for over 10 years, providing mouth-watering Mediterranean dishes, grill and gyro made with fresh ingredients and according to recipes, passed down for generations. We love experimenting and infuse our Mediterranean dishes with creativity while ensuring authenticity and best flavor.

O's Grill also has sauce which is served in different Hy-Vees and the New Pioneer Co. Throughout Iowa.

At O’s Grill, we are passionate about everything we do. We use nothing but the best ingredients and make one of the widest variety of gyros and Mediterranean cuisine in Downtown Cedar Rapids while continuously perfecting our mouth-watering recipes.

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