This amazing spot is one of those hidden gems everyone knows about. Anyone from Cedar Rapids most likely has heard the name "Flying Wienie" or seen the iconic plane. Yet many people have never gone inside.

The name itself is amazing. This spot has been around for 23 years, and I finally went inside and had a great hot dog. It's simple, it's easy, it's the Flying Wienie.


I actually got the idea to try this spot after a friend of mine posted on Facebook about how they spent their whole life in Cedar Rapids Iowa without ever trying this spot, many people commented also saying the same thing.

Their website claims to have the best hotdogs in Iowa so I had to get one. I also came to realize that this spot was somehow known by everyone, but tried by few.

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The Food

There are a lot of different options when it comes to your food choices. Their website states,

We offer authentic Chicago-style hot dogs, ribs and more right here in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Using only the freshest and finest ingredients, we take pride in the food we serve to guests like you.


Personally, I am a very boring eater so I just got a normal hot dog. It was great and tasted just as I was hoping it would. It's a small hot dog spot, and it tastes like it. Here is my very boring-looking dog. (my fault for ordering a plain one.)  Yet it still looks great to me!


I got the food quickly, and it was a great time, plus the inside is fun.

The Inside


When I told my family I finally tried the spot they knew where I was talking about, but they had only ever been there once about 15 years ago. They loved the food, but just never went back. Needless to say next time I'm in Cedar Rapids, the family and I will be going again.


The Flying Wienie is a hidden, yet well-known gem that I recommend to Iowans who want to support a great spot that's been around for years in Iowa.

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