I don't believe it's ever too cold for ice cream. That said, I could be wrong. Whitey's Ice Cream "The best in the Midwest" is crying uncle with the extreme cold the Quad Cities is expected to get this week.

According to their Facebook page they're changing their hours, and on Wednesday when Local 4 News Pinpoint Forecast is predicting a high of -14, they're not going to even bother opening the doors.

I get it. There's a couple of practical reasons for this. One a lot of teens work at Whitey's. It's probably better for them and their parents if they're not hopping in a car trying to drive to work in this weather. Second, there probably isn't a lot of people willing to go out for ice cream after dinner, or after errands, or after sports practice when it's this cold. I'd venture to say there probably won't be activities and sports practices on Tuesday or Wednesday. And if someone doesn't need to be out, they probably won't be.


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