With the announcement of a ticket lottery for anyone who resides within Iowa, there still was one giant question to be answered: How much?

This morning, we spoke with Roman Weinberg, who is the Director of Operations overseeing the project.

For the first Major League Baseball game in Iowa, they've built a new 8,000 capacity stadium at the Field of Dreams movie site in Dyersville.

Field of Dreams / Roman Weinberg
Field of Dreams / Roman Weinberg

Roman told us that to get tickets to the historic game, you must have an Iowa zip code, and enter into a ticket lottery, which will draw on August 1st. The winners will be notified on August 3rd, where they'll then have an opportunity to purchase tickets.

Check out the full interview here:

We asked Roman how much tickets were going to cost, and he said they're going to cost a pretty penny.

"Several hundred bucks for tickets, probably $800-$1000," Roman said. "There is no confirmed price released by the MLB yet, but the winners of the ticket lottery will obviously know the price."

So obviously, this price is not confirmed, but it's the best guess from the best authority we have for now. I suppose we'll find out the real answer on August 3rd, when the lottery winners will have their opportunity to buy.

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