With the stress of the holidays, finals, and just day to day life, we could all use some relaxation. That's what meditation can do for you and the family.

Meditation is considered a practical way of finding ones "inner peace." It has been proven to reduce stress, and help many people. Some clam it helps them solve their problems both big an small.

The Quad City Bontanical Center invites you to give meditation a try. Each class will include an explanation of the benefits of meditation,and how to meditate. Breathing meditation, and daily meditation will be taught. There will also be a discussion about positive mind sets and energy.

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Everyone is welcome, and no experience is necessary, beginners and advanced mediators are all invited. There is no registration necessary, and no need to pay in advance. This event starts at 6:45 PM and goes until 7: 45 PM. It is held at The Quad City Bontanical Center- 2525 4th Ave Rock Island, Illinois. For more information and prices you can check it out here 

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