With the recent news of sensitive information of Facebook users being hacked and leaked online. it made me wonder if I was a part of the 500,000+ users unknowingly involved.

According to recent reports, 533,000 people had their full names, geolocations, phone numbers, and even email addresses leaked on a website. Conveniently, someone created a website that checks to see if your information has even been part of a data breach like this one. So, before you panic there are two things you should be aware of, the sensitive information which was part of the reported data breach is a few years old and you can find specific details on if and when your information may have been compromised.

How do you check to see if you've ever been involved with an online data breach? The website haveibeeenpwned.com is here to help. If you're unfamiliar with the worded "pwned" it is pronounced like owned but with a "p" at the beginning, and is described by Urban Dictionary as follows,

It basically means "to own" or to be dominated by an opponent or situation, especially by some god-like or computer-like force.

To find out if your information has ever been leaked online is surprisingly easy and involves two things, your email or phone number. For me, I tried my work email address, personal email address, and phone number. Here's what I found with the simple search at haveibeenpwned.com.


My work email, crystal clear.


The phone number that I've had for 6ish years came back clean as well. My personal email? Not so much.


In the four instances in which my personal information was breached, the commonality was my email, full name, and location were exposed. The frightening thing is related to a financial guidance app I had used for a few years up until recently. Apparently, sensitive information like my social security number was breached and SOLD by hackers. I don't recall ever sharing that but who knows.

The breach exposed extensive personal information including almost 3 million unique email addresses alongside names, dates of birth, encrypted social security numbers and passwords stored as bcrypt hashes

Check out haveibeenpwned.com to see if your info was shared. (By the way, this search goes as far back as the MySpace days.)

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